Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Wow so much has been going on since my last update!  Of course I have been updating the facebook group a little bit more than here, its the ease of the instant updates I suppose, but I will try to update here as well on a weekly basis!

I have been overwhelmed by the love and kindness that has been sent for this project, I have had teddy bears come from all over the country and have been contacted by people all over the world!  So thank you all its humbling and I know you are all doing your part to brighten a child's day!

As of today we are mailing our first (yes this is just one of many to come!) shipment of teddy bears to Oklahoma.  I dont have the final counts as I have one more post office run and pick up to make but I will post those soon!

In exciting news I have been made aware of a collection that Thiele Technologies has started at all of its facilities after they were made aware of my project from my father who is an employee there.  I am so excited to see just how many teddy bears they are able to collect in the month of June.

Its pretty amazing lovelies, you put an intention out into the universe (or this case the internet) and what comes back is better than your wildest dreams.  I just wish I could see all the kids faces we are going to bring smiles to!

Keeping doing good folks, kindness will change the world I know this in my heart!

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